at collet, we are committed to providing you supplies to bring your nail inspirations to life!

in line with this commitment, we have introduced a membership rewards program. discover more about this program by reading the information below.

you can currently earn points in four ways:

1. earn 10 points when you create an account for our rewards program
2. earn 30 points if when you follow us on instagram
3. earn 1 point for every $1CAD you spend before tax
4. earn $5 each for both you and your friend when you refer a friend and they make a purchase

you can currently redeem points in two ways:

1. redeem 300 points to get $10 off
* this can only be applied to orders of minimum $10

2. redeem 500 points to get $15% off you order

enter a chance to win $10 store credit everytime you leave us a review!

for every review you leave, one raffle will be automatically entered.
at the end of every month, one reviewer will be randomly selected to win $10 store credit.

anyone who leaves us a review after a purchase will be eligible to participate.

reviews can be in a form of:
1. product review through our website or email that gets sent to you
2. posting on your social media (instagram/tiktok) with a picture/video of your purchases and tagging us
* for this, please make sure you have a public account otherwise we will not be able to check and will not be eligible to enter*

reviews written from the first day to the last day of the month will only be qualified to be selected for that month's winner.

reviews written from may 1st to may 31st will only be considered for may's review winner. these reviews will not be considered for any other month's winners.

important notice:
this store credit will not expire. this store credit is not refundable or exchangable in any other monetary value.

winners will be announced on the first day of the next month. to check if you are the winner, click here

if you have troubles earning or redeeming your points,
please contact us